Sierra Stewart

I'm Sierra, the girl behind the blog. I'm currently residing in a suburb of Arizona. The Lilac Vein is an artistic take on fashion that features editorials, runway, and art.
FAQ below; e-mail me: if you have any more questions.
What is your job?
I am an editor of the magazine Blueprint. The majority of my time and waking hours is spent working on making it as successful as possible. I am a sales associate at Hot Topic, as well.
Who takes your photographs?
Pictures of me are taken by me. I've gotten exceptionally good at taking self-portraits and I rarely trust others to take a fine picture of me. Other photographs, unless stated, I found and credit accordingly.
I'm not one to have a lot of friends. I'm a person that has few best friends, and many acquaintances. As for family, I live with my mother, father, and little sister. I have three older siblings with children of their own, jobs, and spouses, also. I more recently got a Devonshire Rex named Chanel and I have a toy poodle named Magic.
How do you afford your clothes?
Good question. I have over three racks of clothing I wear on a daily basis and I've had to recently move some into the guest house closet. The majority of my clothes I find in odd places, or at shops like Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters, Target (some things like plain shirts do not have to be designer, in my opinion), American Apparel, and little stores I happen to cross around Phoenix and Scottsdale.
Where did you grow up?
Oddly enough, Kansas. Living in one of the fashion capitals of America has most definitely changed me in many ways. I'm a city girl who happens to adore trees, as I tell some people. But you really can never take the Midwest out of a girl.

How tall are you/what size are you? Measurements? Weight?
I'm 5' and I usually wear anywhere between a 00-4 (or an XS or S). I have the epitome of an hourglass figure with a "34-22-34". The 22 fluctuates (usually somewhere between 20-24). Weight-wise, it again, depends. 100-110lbs is my usual weight. 
Note: for those reading that could perhaps find this triggering, please keep in mine how small I actually am. I am most definitely not an amazon goddess. 
Body modification now/in the future?
As of November 17th, I have 9 piercings which include the following: double helix, three lobe on each ear, and the right side of my nose.
Who is your favorite designer?
As cliche as it is, Alexander McQueen. Sarah Burton has done such a lovely job with the name since his death. Others I couldn't begin to name, any designer that I post I enjoy, therefore picking favorites is just impossible.
Who is your favorite fashion photographer?
Tim Walker
Do/What/How do you dye your hair?
I do dye my hair a redish-brown color. It's nothing special. My hair in the past two years has been brown, black, blue (unintentionally), and a "Polly Pocket" yellow. Bleach is not my friend.
How much time do you spend blogging?
Too much time honestly.
What is your fashion philosophy?
Dress how I feel, stop traffic, and own what I wear-- however crazy. My style is generally more in the realm of "insanity" (to quote a good friend of mine). I aim to be fashionably daring.

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